be quasi uses design to help people work creatively and to explore how people go about their work.

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be quasi is being developed by Tim Miller as a type of design and social analysis called quasi-design.

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Maximising Creativity

Creativity is crucial at home and at work. This activity helps exercise creative muscles. It’s about generating great ideas. It’s about being more imaginative in an ever-changing world.

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Nurturing Networks

Social networks increasingly rely on a digital connection. This activity helps create connections in-person. It’s about nurturing networks face-to-face. No screens attached.

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Being Persuasive

Communicating new ideas is crucial. Particularly in a world of other ingenious innovations. This activity explores communicating personal visions with vigour.

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Letter Craft

Cover-letters often sound as virile as vague. As boastful as boring. This activity helps strike a balance. It explores writing captivating cover-letters guaranteed to elicit responses.

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Interview Stories

Job interviews often raise questions. How did I sound? Was I convincing? This activity explores telling more entertaining stories to inspire interest in interviews.

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Stirring Speeches

Public speaking is a cornerstone of social life. Whether at work or at weddings. This activity explores writing great speeches whilst learning from prominent public speakers.

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Presentation Preparation

Presentations always require preparation. This activity is a way to rehearse future presentations. It explores improvisation and encountering the unexpected with confidence.

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Self Presentation

Dressing to impress is as important in presentations as at parties. This activity explores clothing to complement presentations – whether full-suit or tie-dye t-shirt.

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Picture Perfect

Presentations usually involve bullet-points or pie-charts. This activity considers other imaginative images to increase engagement in presentations.

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Beyond Presentation

Slide presentations are common the world over. This activity encourages the use of old school presentation methods to appeal to different audiences.

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Team Spirit

Team Spirit involves handshakes, high-fives or hugs. This activity explores cultivating camaraderie. It helps develop team spirit between peers.

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Small Talk

Small talk often involves the weather or weekends. This activity helps dramatise small talk. It helps people better know each other in video conferences.

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